Sport, funds for 82 clubs from Monza and Brianza

There are 82 sports clubs in Monza and Brianza that can benefit from the 2 thousand awarded by the Lombardy Region in the two million tender to support ordinary activities in 2021. In all, contributions of 163,624 euros are allocated to the province.

Funds for the expenses of sports clubs, Rossi: “A success”

The measure was a real success. Thanks to the innovations introduced with the 2021 call – points out Antonio RossiRegional Undersecretary for Sports, 2026 Olympics and Major Events – we have been able to speed up all the procedures and we will be able to provide the beneficiaries with non-repayable contributions for 2021 ordinary expenses in a single tranche, already between the end of May and the beginning of July. The 82 beneficiaries of lines 2A and 2B in the province of Monza Brianza were paid 163,624 euros”.

Funds for the expenses of sports clubs: categories

Category 2A includes amateur sports associations and clubs (ASD / SSD) affiliated to National Sports Federations (FSN) with registered and / or operational headquarters in Lombardy; 2B includes amateur sports associations and clubs (ASD / SSD) affiliated with Discipline Sportive Associate (DSA) and Sports Promotion Bodies (EPS).

There are about a thousand Lombard sports realities that will benefit from the non-repayable loan – has explained Rossiintended to cover all or part of the costs of managing ordinary activities in 2021. In some cases, these sums are fundamental for making ends meet, especially for the smaller realities, often animated by volunteers. Realities that with their sporting and social commitment contribute to the diffusion of sporting practice and, ultimately, are the basis of the numerous medals collected by Lombard athletes nationally and internationally”.

Funds for the expenses of sports clubs: Brianza clubs of category 2A

The complete list of the 59 beneficiaries of the contribution of 2 thousand euros for line 2A, for a total of 117,624 euros.

Size Sport SRL, Asd Carnate-Usmate Velate Volleyball, Amateur Sports Society Seregno Rugby a RL, Mivida Dance Cultural and Amateur Sports Association, Tennis & Sports Open Asd, Asd School of Judo MonzaRevolution Dance Amateur Sports Society in RL, Sincro Seregno Asd, Asd Gerardiana Basket Monza, Amateur Sports Association Ceriano Laghetto, Association Dil. Basketball Lissone.

Strong and Free Monza 1878 Asd, Lombardia Swimming Club Amateur Sports Club in RL in brief Lombardia Swimming Ssd in RL, New Volley Brianza Seveso Amateur Sports Association, Tennis Club Villasanta Asd, Asd New UsmateArtistic Gymnastics and Judo Agratese Asd, Meda Nuoto Team Asd, Asd Leo Team, Vibe Ronchese Asd, Asd Polisportiva Bovisio MasciagoAmateur Sports Association Usmate A.S. UsmateUS Basketball Aurora Desio ’94 Limited Liability Amateur Sports Society, Pirate Rugby Asd.

Asd Accademia Sovico Calcio, Asd Lesmo 2004, Polisportiva Di. Po. Football Section, Erreci Amateur Sports Society Project Tennis in RL, Artistic Gymnastics Gal Lissone Asd, Velate Rugby 1981, Np Varedo Amateur Sports Society in RL, Asd Tennis Bellusco 2012, Asd Majestic Volley, Ac Football Leon Limited Liability Amateur Sports Society, Di.Po. VimercateAsd Speranza AgrateSport Inside Asd, Asd BrianzasermaASD Swimming Club SeregnoAsd Athletics ConcorezzoPro Victoria Volleyball Amateur Sports Society SRL, De Ran Clab Amateur Sports Association.

Asd Desio Volley BrianzaC.S.A. Agrate tennis A.D., Asd Ginnastica Pro CarateAsd Acd Bovisio Masciago Football, Amateur Sports Association Ornago, Hockey Roller Club Monza Asd, GS Byroll Amateur Sports Association Byroll Asd, Polisportiva Vedanese Asd, Fitwomen Amateur Sports Society in RL, Asd Skating Club MonzaFortitudo Ceriano Beasket – Asd, Asd Vis Nova Giussano, Polisportiva Dil. Fortitudo Csa, Asd Juvenilia Sport Club, Amateur Sports Association Mb501, Team Volley Busnago Asd.

The Asd Basket San Rocco 2013 obtained 1,624 euros.

Funds for the expenses of sports clubs: Brianza clubs in category 2B

The complete list of 23 beneficiaries of the contribution of 2 thousand euros for line 2B, for a total of 46,000 euros.

Asd Oratorio San Luigi Concorezzo, Asd Destriero Club, Asd St. Charles Nova Milanese, Associazione Crescere Insieme ISD, Freemoving, Gama SRL Amateur Sports, Il Salto Amateur Sports Association, Asd Tft, Eliosap Amateur Sports Society with Limited Liability, Polisportiva Moving SSD with Limited Liability, Steel Body SSD A RL, Amateur Sports Society Pole Carousel ARL, Amateur Sports Association. Oratoriana Verano, Rsfc Sports Group.

New Patti Dance Amateur Sports Society in RL, Solodanza Amateur Sports Society in RL, SIRE, Dr3amfit Srl Amateur Sports Society, Asd Polisportiva Virtus Bovisio MasciagoAnthea Fitness Center, Amateur Sports Society SRL, Sports Village Amateur Sports Association MonzaMc Wellness Club Asd, Gsp S. Giorgio Asd.



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