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The YouTube program “NBA RISE Special Number: Challenge Edition” by “NBA Rakuten” and the smartphone game “NBA RISE TO STARDOM” was delivered on the 24th.

In this program, Mr. Takumi Ishida (Kaminari), who has experience in basketball, serves as the main MC and is an assistant MC.Asuka KijimaMr., guestChris SasakiMr. Manabu Takeuchi (Kaminari) will appear. A program was created to convey the appeal of the NBA through games by three unique groups.

Mr. Sasaki, who is active as an NBA analyst, seems to have collected trading cards when he was a child, and he said that he felt familiar with the game where more than 450 players appeared as cards.

“You can collect a lot of your favorite players and tickle your” collector’s soul. “At the same time, you can enjoy the super play you usually see in NBA games. It’s been really entertaining since the game was released. I usually do it alone using the gap time, but I felt that it was fun to do it together like this program recording. “

While working as a model and a talent, Mr. Kijima said, “Asuka-sanchi. It also has a face as a “gamer” that mainly distributes FPS games on the YouTube channel. “I’m not familiar with the NBA, but I found NBA RISE TO STARDOM to be a very interesting game,” he emphasized, even if he’s not familiar with basketball. “From a gamer’s point of view, it’s a game that will tickle your heart when choosing a starting lineup considering such a balance, such as the characteristics of the players being reflected firmly and the ability to be drawn out by the manager (player) is different. I did. “

In response to Mr. Sasaki’s description of the game as “an intelligent game,” Mr. Kijima also said, “That’s right. That’s why I have a lot to think about. I think it’s interesting. Even if you don’t know the NBA, you may get to know the NBA in this game and see the NBA, and vice versa. “

Mr. Kijima and Mr. Sasaki who responded to the media coverage after the program recording was completed [写真]=2022 GRAVITY GAME ARISE Co., Ltd.

In addition, Mr. Kijima is tall (* currently 170 cm) and has been invited to the basketball club when he was a student. Actually, he said that he had played in a physical education class to some extent, but he said, “I wish I had joined the basketball club because of this recording (laughs). I didn’t think it was such a deep game.” Sasaki responded, “I think this game is amazing just because Mr. Kijima thinks that basketball is so profound.”

“I didn’t actually watch the game in front of me, I just watched one game through the game, but it was still fun,” said Mr. Sasaki. “Like Mr. Kijima, basketball is I’m very happy to know through the game that there is such an offensive and defensive bargain. “

One frame in the program recording.Showed excitement from beginning to end [写真]=2022 GRAVITY GAME ARISE Co., Ltd.

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This is the only official NBA online simulation game developed and operated in Japan with Yuta Watanabe, the second Japanese NBA player in history, as an ambassador.Stephen CurryJames HardenDerrick RoseOf course, active star players such asYuta WatanabeorRui Hachimura,moreoverKevin GarnettorTim DuncanMore than 450 new and old NBA players will appear under their real names, including legendary players of all time. Create your own original team and aim for the season victory!

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