So Takei Make sure to set up “time to know what you don’t know” every day … What you need to foster creativity is “knowledge” (May 14, 2022) –Excite News

The interfm program “UoC Mandala Radio” by Hidenori Kondo (Hide) and Misa Hirai (Misa) of UNIVERSITY of CREATIVITY (UoC). Under the theme of “listening to the” seeds “of exciting social creation,” we invite guests who are creating society in various fields to talk about creation and actions for the future.

So Takei will appear as a guest on the broadcast on May 11th (Wednesday), continuing from last week. He talked about his activities on YouTube and the importance of acquiring knowledge.

So Takei Make sure to have “time to know what you don’t know” every day … Click here for images of creativity … >>

(From left) Misa, So Takei, Hide

A former Japanese champion of decathlon, he has been active as a talent since he retired. He challenges various sports such as golf, baseball, martial arts, and judo. Since 2021, he has been appointed president of the Federation of Japan Fencing Association.

◆ Reasons for self-dissemination in various fields

Hide: Mr. Takei is currently actively distributing on YouTube (YouTube channel “Kingdom of So Takei Beasts”). I learned a lot from watching “How to grow adults” published on the channel.

Takei: Thank you. happy.

Hide: What made you start YouTube?

Takei: YouTube started about 13 years ago and is in sync with HIKAKIN.

Misa: Yeah!

Hide: That’s fast, isn’t it?

Takei: All from that time



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