Sestao River has the rival to avoid

The Sestao River players celebrate their passage to the final of the play-off for promotion to Primera RFEF / the mail

River-Eldense Sestao | Saturday 18:00 hours

The green and black team will face one of the hosts, Eldense, in the play-off final.

Sestao River is just one step away from being promoted to First RFEF after overcoming the play-off semifinal against Lleida. Only one game now separates the black-and-white from their longed-for dream. Yesterday morning, the Sestaotarra team met the last hurdle they will have on the road. The balls of the draw did not bring them luck. Their rival in the final will be Eldense, a team that acts as host in this promotion phase held in Alicante, so they have the advantage of not having to travel hundreds of kilometers by bus, having their fans nearby and meeting the perfection the conditions of the land -field and climate-. The meeting will take place on Saturday at 6:00 p.m.

The Left Bank side are still on their way to third place at the national level after overcoming a long and dramatic semi-final. They faced Lleida and were able to go through the round after agonizing 120 minutes, where neither team was able to score (0-0). Arriving better classified, the tie earned the green and blacks to obtain their ticket to the final. Aitor Calle is “very proud of the team”. “They did an exercise of faith against a very difficult opponent,” he adds. Of course, the coach does not hide the physical wear and tear that the players had to play an extension after such a long trip. “They are exhausted, it is taking its toll on all of us, but the illusion makes up for it,” he points out.

Once all the respective clashes in the semifinals of this play-off were concluded, Sestao River’s possible rivals were Teruel, Ceuta and Eldense. All of them, fourth classified in their respective groups. Finally, the draw deliberated that it would be the Eldense. Something that the sestaotarras have not received with special enthusiasm, far from it. In fact, Aitor Calle highlights that he “would have preferred any other rival.” They did not want to face a host under any circumstances. The technician argues that “they don’t have to make any trips and that is a certain disadvantage for us.” In addition, he adds that “they are used to the weather and know the fields where you can play.”

Even so, the die is already cast and they are focused on studying the Alicante squad to face them and meet the objective. It should be remembered that the Sestao River returns to serve the draw after extra time to overcome this tie. Eldense is a club that has made a significant economic effort this season, renewing practically the entire squad to be as competitive as possible. Only two footballers continue from the last course. Aitor Calle warns that “he has renowned players, who are among the best in the category. They are very dangerous, especially from midfield up.” Although none of this intimidates the black-and-white. “If we want to be in the First RFEF, this is the price to pay,” highlights the coach.

Make your dream come true

The coach thanks the fans who came so far to support them in the semi-final match and now hopes that even more will join them in this crucial event. The intention of the team is none other than “to return all the support they show us with the promotion to First RFEF, that is what we dream of and the illusion we have”. Aitor Calle reiterates that “we are with all the enthusiasm in the world, with more desire than ever, we know that it is a unique opportunity and we are going to do everything in our power to move up”. On a personal note, it is also a magical opportunity for the coach. “As a player I was lucky enough to experience a promotion with Sestao River and I signed to experience something similar, for me it would be a dream come true,” he ditches.



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