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Sanshiro Matsuyama, officially recognized by the Nagano prefectural constituency, is a popular radio personality in the prefecture. He touches on the worries of listeners and life lessons, and challenges the political stage with “# Shinshu Pride” in order to solve the worries of the younger generation that he gained through his lecture activities.

Mr. Sanshiro Matsuyama who is active on the streets in various parts of Shinshu

Mr. Matsuyama Sanshiro’s determination and aspirations

The younger generation (Korona-ka youth generation) will soon have to bear the future of this country. To that end, it is important that those who live ahead of us are “happy” first.
We must recreate a country where it can be said that living a life in this country is “being happy.”
From this Shinshu, I want to have a strong, beautiful, hopeful and energetic Japan. I made that wish and decided.
Shinshu that the next generation can be proud of!

# Giving back with Shinshu Pride ~ Sanshiro Matsuyama Side Story ~

Popular as a radio personality

Mr. Matsuyama was born in Tokyo in 1970. When he was a student, he was absorbed in judo. He won the national tournament when he was in middle school. Mr. Matsuyama, who was so prominent in judo that he was selected as a strengthening player for the Japanese national team, experienced three surgeries due to injury. He is frustrated when he says, “I was cut off as a judoka.”

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