Seo Ji-hye, a badminton player, after perfect digestion, these efforts will accelerate

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The behind-the-scenes stills of actress Seo Ji-hye full of passion have been released.

Seo Ji-hye plays the role of badminton player ‘Lee Yoo-min’ in KBS 2TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘The speed that goes to you 493 km’ (hereinafter ‘You Accelerate’), perfectly portraying a fresh youth. ‘Accelerate You’ is a hot sports romance drama between a fresh twenty-five, sports-oriented player Park Tae-Yeon (Park Joo-Hyun) and a sports professional, Park Tae-Jun (Chae Jong-Hyeop), on a professional badminton team.

In the revealed behind-the-scenes stills, Seo Ji-hye drew attention as she was immersed in badminton practice. As you can see from the stacked shuttlecocks in the photo, she is said to have been training for badminton for a long time to improve the perfection of her work. Seo Ji-hye shows her terrifying concentration during her badminton training, but catches her attention with her unique cheerful and bright energy during breaks. Even during her particularly hard practice, her modest and unpretentious visuals stand out. In order to digest her more perfect badminton player Lee Yu-min, her efforts of Seo Ji-hye, who thought and practiced from her posture to her eyes, are shining in ‘In You’.

Seo Ji-hye brings fun and sympathy to each episode with her youthful romance with Kim Moo-jun, who plays the role of Yook Jeong-hwan in the play. She expresses her character who is honest with her emotions and is unstoppable in love in a three-dimensional way with her stable acting skills and bouncing charm. In the 9th episode of ‘Acceleration’, which aired on the 18th, Lee Yoo-min was frustrated when he found out that Yook Jung-hwan’s first love was Park Jun-young (Park Ji-hyun), raising questions about how the relationship between Lee Yoo-min and Yook Jung-hwan would change.

Seo Ji-hye is making a mark on viewers with her innocent yet lovely visuals and sincere acting skills. Seo Ji-hye’s performance, which fully showed the potential of her new loco fairy, is raising her expectations.

Meanwhile, ‘The Speed ​​To You’ is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:50 PM.

By Cha Hye-young, staff reporter for Ten Asia, [email protected]

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