Senior Regional Championship – Judo Club La Saussaye

The JCLS invites you to celebrate the birthday of your licensed child at the club.

Your child can invite his friends from school and JCLS, and come and participate in activities and do judo on the tatami.


For who? for children from baby judo to benjamins.

When? Saturday afternoon or another day during school holidays

Name: from 10 to 16 children

Quoi? the activities offered are adapted to the age of the children, we offer motor skills courses, relays, opposition games, fights.

price: back to school special offer

formula No. 1; 8 euros instead of 10 euros per child, this formula includes what is mentioned above, and the provision of a table and chairs to take the snack provided by the parents

formula No. 2; 10 euros instead of 12 euros, for this formula the club is setting up a festive and decorated corner as well as a beautiful cake for the birthday snack. The club pays for candles, cups, drinks, plates and napkins.

In order to comply with health standards, we replace the cake with cupcakes with individual packaging.

duration: 2H

The club lends kimino jackets to guests.

Each child will then leave with a photo of the birthday day and a judo sticker. Your child will receive a small gift from the club. You can also leave with all the photos on a USB key (remember to come with your key).

We provide you with the invitation cards to distribute to friends/girlfriends.

Do not hesitate to inquire with your children’s teachers.

See you soon to party in a kimono.

The JCLS team



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