Self Defense Courses for Women – Chronicle

Parks, trains, buses and stations are becoming less and less safe: great demand and waiting lists to take part in self-defense courses dedicated to women by the National Guard association, in Brugherio. The first quarterly course at the Corona ferrea gym is coming to an end. “The success has been remarkable and the requests numerous – explain the trainers Claudio Caré and Stefano Pellati – so we are organizing a second edition which will start on June 13, with the same formula: two lessons a week for 26 lessons in total, internship external on trains and public transport, defense instruments, legal aspects, and final examination “. The National Guard is a Corps of Volunteers born in 1997, on the initiative of some former members of the Armed Forces and the Police, who wanted to put their skills and professionalism at the service of the territory and the population. For 5 years they have started the first self-defense courses dedicated to women in Varese and Como and from this year also in Brugherio for Monza and Brianza. “Over time – observes Caré – the situation has worsened. Women who for study or work have to take trains, buses, cross parks, feel more and more in danger, followed, stalked, observed. First of all, we teach how to avoid dangerous situations: passing by lighted places, approaching someone, sitting in the first carriage avoiding the raised floor of the trains when they are empty. A part is dedicated to muscular and aerobic strengthening. Notions of judo and martial arts are added, to learn how to escape from the opponent ” . The course (cost 120 euros) is for 10 people, another 3 or 4 on the waiting list



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