Scicli – Avis, an extraordinary collection for the “World Blood Donor Day”

On the occasion of the “World Blood Donor Day”, Tuesday 14 June 2022, an extraordinary collection of blood and plasma will be held at Avis in Scicli, which is added to the series of event collections that characterized the first six months of 2022.

“The purpose of these initiatives – explain by the Avis di Scicli Board -, in addition to collecting blood and plasma to reinforce the stocks of our hospitals, is to raise awareness on the theme of the gift and inform citizens about our activities, with social campaigns and press releases, also hoping that new aspiring donors approach and share our reality. It is good to know how precious blood is, life-saving medicine and treatment for millions of patients, and how important a continuous generational turnover of donors is, therefore, if you want to become part of the great Avis family, we remind you that to register you must ‘be of age, in good health and weigh more than 50 kg. “

For info: 0932/446495 – 0932/446496.



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