Sara Meloni silver medal at the Italian Junior Judo Championships


Laconi’s athlete protagonist in Ostia. The compliments of the mayor

Silver medal for Sara Meloni at the Italian Junior Judo Championships which took place last weekend at PelaPellicone in Ostia.

Originally from Laconi, the athlete of the Jigoro Kano di Isili finished second in the women’s category 44 kilograms Under 21.

Success went to Elena Guarducci (Crs Akiyama). Third step of the podium instead for Rebecca Valeriani (Cus Parma) and Ilenia Salfi (Judo Remorini).

The silver won by Sara Meloni was celebrated by the municipal administration of Laconi.

β€œThe mayor and the municipal administration, on behalf of all Laconi, congratulate our fellow citizen Sara Meloni. In the hope of being able to personally congratulate Sara on her prestigious result ”, she reads in a note,β€œ we wish her to soon reach other successes and the top step of the podium ”.

Monday, May 16, 2022

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