Santa Fe will be sued by Jaguares due to registration of Agustín Julio | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Over the weekend, Santa Fe dealt Jaguares a hard blow at El Campín and defeated them with goals from Neyder Moreno, Jersson González, Matías Mier and Harold Gómez. However, the Cordoba team announced that they will demand the match for the registration of Agustín Julio, who would appear as a delegate on the list, but who was ultimately the one who directed the cardinal.

The coach talked to ESPN Split Balloon this Monday after learning about the legal actions that Jaguares will take, a team that seeks to keep the points on the desk, to keep their options alive to qualify for the next phase of Liga Betplay I-2022. Is there concern?

In the statement that was released this Monday, Jaguares indicates that “it will use the legal legal resources before the disciplinary commission of the Dimayor championship, for the events that occurred in the match against Santa Fe, where the one who appears on the list as a delegate is the Mr. Agustín Julio, however, in reality he did not act as such (delegate), but rather he was the one who directed the match by the capital team as direct technician, thus violating article 40 of the Betplay Dimayor League Regulations I-2022 “.

The article to which the feline club refers in its statement warns that “the club’s support staff (technical director, technical assistant, physical trainer, doctor, kinesiologist and delegate) who are registered on the game sheets, must occupy the same positions for which they were registered in Dimayor at the time of their official registration”.

Agustín Julio told the television channel that he is calm and trusts that the points will continue to belong to Santa Fe. In addition, he threw a dart at his rival. “They are already legal issues, here that was analyzed at the time, before making that determination and the legal area already knows how to argue things and we are calm in that sense. Just as what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch game too.”



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