San Marino Baseball in the home of Crocetta •

It runs shipped, on Serie A championship. In the last weekend dedicated to the first phase, the San Marino Baseball travel to Parma, where you will find the Crocetta. Play tomorrow, Saturday 14 Maywith scheduled matches at 4 pm and 8.30 pm.

Il Crocetta so far he has played a championship that has brought him to the limits of qualifying for the Poule Scudetto. With 8 wins and 4 defeats, the Emilian team is currently fourth in group C but can no longer reach the second position mathematically. On the mountain the most used starters were Consuegra Almanza (2-1, 3.00), Zanchi (3-1, 1.50) and Bigliardi (1-1, 2.95), but also watch out for Guerra Ceballos (1-1, 2.30) and Dallatan (1-0, 2.81). In the box, the averages of Dentoni (393) and Piazza (386) are more than flattering, while Scala (317) and Alfinito (308) also do well.

San Marino, which will still be without Epifano, wants to grow in shape. Doriano Bindihow is the team?
“Well, apart from Epifano. He will try again next week, but at the moment he is out. Crocetta is a young, good team that plays good baseball. We must face these two matches well in order to better prepare ourselves for the challenges of the next few weeks “.

André Rienzo is now with the team. How did you see him in training?
“This is a pitcher whose career speaks for itself. He has a huge repertoire and is very controlled. It is clear that he is still not at one hundred percent, but in the matches that will be worth he will be able to give us a big hand “.

What will the pitcher rotation be tomorrow?
“We will continue with Quattrini and Quevedo, who performed well like all the pitchers used last week (5 hits suffered in two games). We want to play these two games with Crocetta with maximum concentration “.



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