San Juan del Puerto kicks off the School Olympics

San Juan del Puerto already has a new edition of its School Olympics underway, which will conclude on Friday with the different finals and the closing ceremony. The Plaza de España of the town received today the 1st ESO students from IES Diego Rodríguez Estrada and 5th and 6th graders from CEIP JJ Rebollo, San Juan Bautista and Marismas del Tinto to start this event.

The Pepe San Andrés municipal sports center and the municipal Sports and La Calzailla pavilions They are the places chosen to hold the different football 7, basketball, volleyball, athletics, tennis, badminton and paddle tennis competitions.

This year the flag bearer of the Olympics is the soccer player Andrea Fuenteswho after starting out at the San Juan del Puerto Municipal Football School went through Sporting de Huelva, the Huelva National Team, the Andalusian Beach Soccer Team and is currently playing for the Sevillian team Azahar CF, with whom he ends up to play the tie for promotion to the Second Division.

After the parade of the participants, they have arrived at the Plaza de España where the mayor, Rocío Cárdenas, together with the councilors Miguel Beltrán and Victoria Rodríguez, were waiting for them. The mayor welcomed all the athletes from the different educational centers, encouraging them to enjoy the competition carrying the Olympic spirit that makes it so special as a flag, promoting a series of values ​​such as friendship, companionship, and respect that give another dimension to the event.

At the conclusion of the reception, the flag bearers led the march of participants to the Pepe San Andrés municipal sports center for the start of the different competitions, which will be directed by the students of the Medium Grade Cycle of Guide in the Natural Environment and Free Time of the IES Diego Rodríguez Estrada.

The School Olympics will have their climax next Friday when the municipal sports pavilion hosts the final day.



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