Saint-Aubin-d’Aubigne. New medals at the judo club

« The youngest participated in early May, in Vitré, in their first Ille-et-Vilaine championship, showing a promising start », rejoices Servane Louvel, president of the club.

Guillaume Le Saec is vice-departmental champion and vice-champion of Brittany. Clement Mondéjar finishes 6e of this competition and Pierre Coudray 8e.

Among the minimal, Timothée Le Blanc is 5e of the Craon tournament. The kawatokan team is 3e in the Ille-et-Vilaine championship and 5e also in the championship.

« Among the cadets, Marius Thézé is 2e of the departmental hopes championship, Lola Letourneau 3e of the departmental championship 2e division. Lola had already ranked 5e of the Craon tournament and 5e of the Brittany championship by cadet teams », welcomes Servane Louvel.

In juniors, after his title of departmental champion, Gabriel Alix obtained, last Saturday, the title of vice-champion of Brittany of the color belts.

« The judo-club of Saint-Aubin-d’Aubigné will end its season on June 19 with its gala which will bring together young and old at the Erminig sports complex », concludes the president.

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