Rubiales recorded private conversations with senior government officials

The president of the FEF, Luis Rubiales. / EFE

The president of the FEF used Fernando Sanz as his ‘mole’ in LaLiga and both collaborated in an operation to make Fernando Morientes president of the AFE, according to ‘El Confidencial’

Luis Rubiales recorded private conversations with senior officials of the Government of Pedro Sánchez, as revealed on Wednesday by ‘El Confidencial’. However, the president of the Spanish Football Federation (FEF) has denied the information, which he calls “false”, and assures that the lawyers of the organization he leads “are waiting to know the existence of hypothetical new audios to be able to determine who has been able to carry out these alleged recordings “of which he says he has no knowledge” and purge responsibilities “.

The president of the FEF guarantees that “all the information available to the FEF will be made available to the open investigation in order to clarify which internal collaborators and external people have been able to leak to this media outlet with the aim of falsely attributing certain behaviors to the president and build a campaign of harassment and discredit against Luis Rubiales».

“The president has never made recordings of the president of the government, any minister or any member of United We Can,” the FEF said in a statement on Wednesday to respond to ‘El Confidencial’, which according to Rubiales, ” Since the beginning of the information, it has offered a news policy based on ambiguity, misrepresentation and decontextualization to generate a false story. “The aforementioned media has mainly used private audios knowing that they were illegally stolen,” insists the top federal leader.

According to ‘El Confidencial’, Rubiales has been recording since 2018, since he became president of the FEF, “compromising” conversations with different members of the Executive of the PSOE and Podemos, including the former Secretary of State for Sport, Irene Lozano. He also relieves said media outlet that “used former Real Madrid soccer player Fernando Sanz as his deep throat within LaLiga, the institution led by Javier Tebas, the main enemy of the President of the Federation.”

It is reported that Rubiales and Fernando Sanz, who holds various positions in LaLiga, collaborated in an operation to place Fernando Morientes at the head of the Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE) and “both boasted that in LaLiga they were ‘lost as balls’ before that movement promoted by the Federation».

“They also agreed (Luis Rubiales and Fernando Sanz9 that Tebas had to have been fired due to the Dépor-Fuenlabrada scandal and they conspired to obtain a document that harmed Rubiales’ rival,” says the website that uncovered the scandal of the audios between the president of the FEF and Gerard Piqué on the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia.



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