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maj 31, 2022 12:35
Written by Ronni Burkal Elkjær

A chaotic prelude to last week’s tournament in Dubai ended with a medal and lots of optimism from Cathrine Rosengren, who was congratulated by Viktor Axelsen, who had turned up for the medal presentation.

Normally, Cathrine Rosengren will not be happy with a bronze medal. But the feeling was different when she traveled home from the Dubai Para Badminton International tournament on Monday.

– This time I am happy, says Rosengren, after she has landed on Danish soil again.

– It was mega cool to play again and I played some of my best this season.

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The reason for the bronze joy must not only be found in the performance on the court.

Considering a chaotic prelude, the outcome of the tournament could not be much better. Rosengren had not played a tournament since March, when she had to leave a tournament in Spain with severe back pain. It kept her from being able to do anything the first week after the trip home. So when she signed up for the tournament in Dubai, she did not know if it was realistic at all, she got ready.

She ended up staying that way. But shortly before departure, there was further drama. Rosengren’s trainer was forced to stay home as his girlfriend was tested positive for coronavirus. Therefore, Rosengren traveled alone to Dubai with uncertainty about what she was actually capable of performing on the field.

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However, help was to come from home. Rosengren’s parents decided to take a spontaneous holiday to Dubai, where they could watch their daughter play and where the father took a seat on the coaching chair behind the pitch.

– It meant a lot to have my parents down there. After I left Spain in great pain, it gave me a reassurance in case something should happen that there was someone to help.

– I have also traveled a lot alone, so it can get a little lonely in the long run. Then it was nice to have someone behind the field, you could say something to during the matches or have someone to talk and have fun with when there was no match.

With the support of the family, Rosengren was ready to kick off the tournament. In the first group match, Beatriz Monteiro waited, which was beaten convincingly 21-10, 21-10.

– I was otherwise very nervous about the meeting, because she is probably the third best in Europe right now, and I wanted to prove I am still the best European. Fortunately, I had a really good feeling in my body when the match first started, and it was a nice victory to get, says 23-year-old Rosengren.

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In the second group match, the Japanese waited for Akiko Sugino, whom the Dane lost to at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo last year. This time Rosengren pulled out victoriously and won 19-21, 21-16, 21-18.

– It was a mega cool victory for me. The downturn in Tokyo hit me very mentally, so it was great to show I still have the level to be among the best.

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As group winner, second-seeded Rosengren qualified directly for the semifinals against Indian Manisha Ramadass. Despite a defeat of 22-24, 20-22, the Dane was well satisfied with the match.

– It was a great match, although I’m a little sorry I was ahead 19-16 in the first set and get made some quick mistakes. I was hopelessly behind in the second set with 11-4, but I’m glad I fought back, says Rosengren, who in addition to the medal has taken home several positive things.

– I love my game and my fight throughout the tournament. Especially seen in the light of the lack of combat training that I could feel in the pressured situations where it got a little close. But I have not had any problems with my back and I have really felt like playing a lot.

Rosengren was also congratulated on the medal by the world number one in men’s singles, Viktor Axelsen, who looked past the tournament.

– It’s mega cool, he bothers to spend time coming to para-events, and it just makes you feel accepted and part of the game in a different way. He has been good at sharing photos from there, and that’s cool, because then it comes out to even more people, she says.

Cathrine Rosengren competes in class SU5, as she has a nerve injury in her left arm.

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