Rockets GM sends message to other NBA franchises

Worst team of the regular season, the Rockets had a 14% chance of getting the first choice, as much as the Magic and the Pistons, but ultimately they will only select in 3rd position on June 23rd possible. And shortly after the lottery, Rafael Stone, the Rockets GM, who was the franchise representative at the event, made it clear that he was open to a trade of that choice. He explained that it was part of his philosophy, to be open to everything, because you never know what opportunities arise.

And if Houston keeps this choice, the strategy will be to select the best player, without taking into account the position or the fit.

“If we end up selecting a player, we’ll have the opportunity to have a very, very talented basketball player in 3,” Stone said. “It’s up to us to pick the right player, it’s up to us to develop him and also up to the player to develop, assuming we use choice. »

Notice to interested teams. Note that the Rockets also have the 17th choice (via the Nets, recovered during the trade of James Harden) and we could imagine a 3 + 17 pick package to eventually get a high-caliber player, or even try to move up to one of the first two places.

Currently Chet Holmgren, Jabari Smith, Paulo Banchero et Jaden Ivy are the names that come up the most for one of the first 3 choices.

Via Houston Chronicle



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