Renata Godoy, the athletics from Fuegian who overcame adversity

“Renata was always agile, skilled and strong”, is how coach Lucas Doffo describes his Fuegian athlete Renata Godoy, winner of the silver medal at the last South American Youth Games “Rosario 2022”. And he repeats: “Here in Ushuaia training is hard, difficult but not impossible. The wind, the rain and the snow condition the task, that is our reality; but that is not a difficulty or a weakness, it is what you have to deal with, as surely in other provinces the same thing happens with heat or humidity. Renata is on the rise and that is another proof that great athletes can also come out of this wonderful place”.

Renata’s history in athletics begins at the age of 11 after going through various sports such as swimming, gymnastics, hockey and badminton. Little by little she was gaining confidence, growing and reaching achievements that even she herself is surprised. “I am happy, the truth is that I did not expect this result because I was more involved in the combined events, but now we have to enjoy it and continue,” says the young Godoy, 17, to Deportesar, after reaching the South American runner-up position in the 400 meters with hurdles with a record just four hundredths below the Brazilian Miranda Da Silva Amanda, who won the gold with 1:01.94; championship record mark.

One more achievement in his short career that already has a championship and runner-up in the Araucanía National Games “Neuquén 2021, the title of the San Luis evaluative in the 200 meters, in addition to the second place in long jump in the same tournament; and as if that were not enough, the golds of the South American and National heptathlon for seniors, when he was just 16.

“I like to train. I do between five and six stimuli per week between the gym and the track. Now the snowfall is going to come and we are going to have to adapt everything inside; but the important thing is to train and continue projecting”, clarifies the Fuegian, in the same line as her coach.

“At the time of dreaming, I come to represent my country in an Olympic Game, be in Pan American and World Cups. But for now I prefer to go for the present, these Games were very important and I still enjoy them. I am proud and very grateful to all those who accompany me on a day-to-day basis so that all this can be possible”, concludes Godoy, who from a very young age already showed agility, skill and strength.



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