Released AI camera service STADIUM TUBE Double Play that enables automatic shooting of baseball[NTT Sportict]| Press release of NTT Sportict Co., Ltd.

In addition, we have started to provide this service at NTT Yodo Ground (Kumiyama-cho, Kuse-gun, Kyoto Prefecture).

Through this service, the NTT West Hardball Baseball Club, which operates at the facility, will distribute video content for games other than the Intercity Baseball Tournament, which had not been visualized so far, to the NTT West Group’s internal and local fans. Aiming to be a team that is more connected to the community, NTT Sportict will actively provide technical support.

* This distribution is limited to NTT West Group employees.


Just by installing an AI camera on the baseball field, you can easily practice, shoot games, and distribute online.

By adopting a shooting system that switches between multiple angles using two AI cameras, it will be possible to relay more authentic and realistic images than shooting with only one camera using the conventional STADIUM TUBE series. I did.

You can also enrich the video content by inputting the game commentary and scoreboard.
Overseas, we have a track record of introduction in the United States “MLB DRAFT LEAGUE”.
* Introduction results of the same product and system by Pixellot ltd.

Click here for the actual shot video taken with Double Play

Comment from Director Kawamoto, NTT West Baseball Club

The image quality was higher than I had imagined, and he followed the ball well.
I hope that you will feel closer to our activities through video distribution.

For employees who are planning to deliver, please see the open game that is not usually open to the public.
I would be grateful if you could come to support us in the actual game.
Also, as a team, I would like to extract issues in the game scene from the video and utilize it for everyday practice.

I think it is a service that can be used by various teams of adult baseball and student baseball.
We would like to share with others the points that we were happy to actually utilize.

Click here for the interview video with the director

《Direct business negotiations are possible with Sports Tech EXPO 2022》

We will inform you about this service and the STADIUM TUBE series directly at the following exhibitions scheduled to be exhibited.
This is an opportunity to directly see the AI ​​camera equipment, so we hope you will come and visit us.

Inquiries about this product are accepted from the form at the following URL.

Sports Tech EXPO 2022

Schedule: May 11 (Water) ~ 13 (Gold)
Venue: NTT West Group Space in Tokyo Big Sight NTT Group Booth (4-92)

★ Seminar “AI camera realized! Possibility of transformation of local sports field by video distribution”

Date and time: May 12 (wood) 13:15~
Venue: Sports Tech EXPO 2022 Venue Inside East Hall 7 PR Seminar Venue
Speaker: Masatoshi Nakamura, President and CEO of NTT Sportict Co., Ltd.
Asahi Shimbun Business Development Center Alliance Division Live A! Team Yusaku Miyazaki
Hiroyuki Doi, President and CEO of SPLYZA Inc.

* No prior registration is required. Please come directly to the venue.

【Company Profile】
Company name: NTT Sportict Co., Ltd.
Location: 15-82, Higashinodamachi, Miyakojima-ku, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka NTT Japan QUINT BRIDGE 3rd floor
Representative: Masahiro Nakamura
Establishment: April 1, 2020

【Business summary】
・ Video license acquisition and video distribution business through amateur sports using AI cameras, etc.
・ Production and sale of advertisements, broadcasting rights, and video content
・ Businesses incidental to or related to the above

[Company introduction video]

[Founding history]
Masatoshi Nakamura, CEO of NTT Sportict, talks about the episode from the encounter with the AI ​​camera to the establishment of the company.



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