Real Madrid – Levante | League: Real Madrid’s one-on-one against Levante: Modric’s recital

El Real Madrid only Levante with another eleven with many novelties. They already signed four in the first half, with an offensive display by the Whites. The midfield was formed this time camavinga in place of Casemiro, escorted by Valverde, unstoppable, and a stellar Modric. Courtois, Benzema, who has already matched Ral, and Vinicius returned, who signed his first hat trick.


Good hand to Dani Gmez although he was offside. Very quiet game. The Belgian returned under the sticks after his substitution against Atltico.


No problems behind except the start of Levante with Morales very active. The winger remains in his position in the face of Carvajal’s loss.


A great match. Good in the first hand in hand with Morales. He got rid of the yellow card after a very dangerous foul on Melero on the front as he arrived a little late. He has covered well a shot that could be a goal. Very attentive throughout the game in the crosses and cutting balls.


Comfortable match against the overwhelming dominance of Madrid. He was intoned in the second part when he wanted to hurt Levante.


He looked more for the bottom line. And she has had a prize. Personal play and good goal, the second in his account. And he was able to do the second on another wall with Vini but Crdenas pulled it off well. He is getting back to his level and that is good for Pars.


He remained in the team, this time playing in the position of Casemiro. He looked comfortable and whenever he can he joins the attack. He has seen a yellow that was not necessary. A master at recovery.


What an output of the ball in Mendy’s goal… Only he does it like that. He tried to connect with everyone, bringing out all his football to the delight of the stands. He has also assisted Rodrygo. And Vini on a prodigious wall. He did what he wanted. Three assists.


The second of Madrid has failed in the mouth of the goal. Great shot from outside, a missile that Crdenas took out as best he could to hit the crossbar. Another cross from outside… Generating many problems for Levante with his starts and his shots.


He was the one who appeared the least of those above but he took advantage of another center from Modric to the small area to push it. He had another one in the second half after a great pass from Karim. He continues on a roll and left his position to Mariano.


Great goal behind a wall with Modric. He gave him the second for Benzema’s account. And a third to sign his first hat trick. They are already 21 goals and 20 assists. He went crazy alone behind Levante.


Headed goal after a good pass from Vini to match Ral, with 323 goals. Historical Karim. He has taken a good Crdenas out of him with a shot from the edge of the box. Great pass to Rodrygo in the second half. To round it off, the play on Vinicius’s second goal. Another recital.


He has entered by Rodrygo. He couldn’t play in the derby due to last-minute withdrawal and now he has minutes. He couldn’t score.


He has already entered with everything decided to add minutes thinking about Paris. It has to tune up.


He entered eagerly. Important minutes for him despite the fact that the match was already decided.


These minutes should not be of much use to you, but less is nothing.


More minutes for the youth squad who made his debut with Ancelotti against Espanyol.


The coach continues to move the bench and give minutes to those who have played the least. He has the team plugged in.



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