Punctual to your appointment with the titles

Jacobo Fernández, during a match. | FdV

It is difficult to find someone in Spain who in his formative stage has been able to accumulate the impressive track record of Jacobo Fernández at a national and international level. The man from Vigo began at the age of eleven to accumulate Spanish champion titles and medals with the Spanish team in different categories. That is why his arrival in the absolute category, which has occurred in this 2022, was full of interest by badminton fans. But to say goodbye to the junior category, last season Jacobo Fernández collected another important collection of distinctions starting with the Spanish championship in his category (both in singles and doubles) and podiums in the absolutes. And to that we must add his caps and podiums that he has achieved both individually and in doubles. After his 2021 titles, the number of gold medals in Spanish Championships rises to nine that he has accumulated in the different categories since in 2014 he took first place in the National Sub11. His last titles also had the extra prize of having achieved them after a long period of convalescence after an injury, a circumstance that did not prevent him from winning the double gold medal.

  • Year of birth: 2003 Place: Vigo Club: CBCíes Palmarés 2021: 1st in Spain in those born in 2002 and later (Santander), in sub19 ind. (Oviedo) and in sub19 doubles (Oviedo). 3rd in the Absolute National Master in ind. and doubles (Montilla) and ind. (Collado Villalva). In the national ranking sub19 nº2 ind.masc. and double masc. world BWF World junior nº6 ind.masc. and nº3 doubles masc.

The year 2021 has been especially important for him since he also settled in Madrid at the Madrid High Performance Center – the same place where Carolina Marín trains – to continue his progression and was loaned to Ravachol from Pontevedra by the CBCíes so that could continue its progression. Better facilities, rivals, more dedication on a day-to-day basis that has been noticeable in the performance of the player from Vigo. Things are not going to change as he himself announces: “Being there gives you a plus in level, hours and quality of training. That has been noticed and will be noticed again in performance for sure. The goal is to have more quality and quantity on hand in daily training. Thanks to that, motivation rises and one is happier for living the experience”.

Jacobo Fernández, a member of a lineage of athletes to which his brother Gabriel also belongs, who also successfully plays badminton, has suffered a small setback in recent months in the form of heart injury that has forced him to put the brakes on his training and competitions. But the man from Vigo has shown that he is in a position to overcome any adversity such as the physical problem that also in 2021 conditioned him at one point in the season but that did not prevent him from arriving on time for his appointment with the titles to claim that the future of badminton at the level National belongs to you. It is not surprising that it was considered the best promising athlete of 2021 in Vigo.



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