PSG: Mbappé, Verratti is not comfortable

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At the end of his contract next June, will striker Kylian Mbappé (23 years old, 45 games and 36 goals in all competitions this season) extend to Paris Saint-Germain or join Real Madrid? As the subject ignites the world of football, midfielder Marco Verratti (29 years old, 31 games and 2 goals in all competitions this season) admitted to not being comfortable as the final verdict approached.

“It will impact the club whatever they decide. He’s one of the greatest players on the planet right now so we all want him to stay here. But when I talk to him it’s more for laugh. In football, when we have something in mind, when a decision is close, we don’t talk about it much. It’s his decision, and I’m waiting for it, like you. When I’m resting and that I see notifications saying that Kylian is in Madrid, it gives me a stomach ache (laughs). Even if afterwards he says to me: Calm down, I was on vacation. We are all waiting to find out, “said the champion of Europe for Le Parisien.

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