PSG Handball: “It will be hard to win in Kiel but I know we can do it”, insists Nedim Remili

They came out rinsed and at the same time soaked: “On the ground, it was at least 40°C, this match was not hot only in its intensity and its atmosphere. On this subject, moreover, there have often been beautiful atmospheres at Coubertin but, one as beautiful as this one, I don’t know if I had already seen one. It was amazing! “says Nedim Remili.

Exhausted and frustrated, the PSG handball players are a bit too. The draw (30-30) against the Germans of Kiel, conceded this Wednesday at the end of the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League, preserves their chances of qualification for the Final Four in mid-June. Above all, he promises them a stifling return match on May 19 in the boiling Wunderino Arena in Kiel with his 14,000 fans in a trance.

“In a Champions League quarter-final first leg, there is no good or bad result, insists Nedim Remili. There is therefore no definitive conclusion to be drawn from this first round. It is only at the end that we will do the accounts. Of course, it’s harder to qualify when we lost the first leg 7 goals down, but that’s not our case. So everything is still possible, and fortunately. »

Of course, it will be imperative to win in a week at the German-Danish border. Obviously, it will be very, very complicated. Kiel are one of the best teams in the world with one of the stars of this game in their squad, former Parisian Sander Sagosen. He was formidable on Wednesday and he is revengeful. A year ago, Kiel lost their quarter-final against Paris and, on the German side, there is no question of that happening again.

“Everything is complicated, everything is hard, it’s normal”

With this draw, PSG therefore does not appear in a favorable waiver at the end of this first round. It’s as if, now, this quarter-final was played on a dry match with all the counters at zero, but on opposing ground: “We had trouble at the start, continues Remili. But we started to let go, to find the passes and the intervals over the course of the meeting. It was a physical match but we play a combat sport, contact, and it’s a Champions League quarter-final, so we know what to expect. In a match of this level, everything is complicated, everything is hard. It’s normal. »

To achieve the feat in Germany against the quadruple European champion (2007, 2010, 2012 and 2020), PSG will have to find the solutions that it lacked in its room: “There are a few small details here and there that failed us, regrets Nikola Karabatic. In such a tight and undecided match, it’s almost nothing. We will have to find these keys by next week to impose ourselves there. In the end, given the match during which we came back to score several times, the result is not so bad. We still have every chance, as much as Kiel…”

An analysis taken up by his Olympic champion colleague: “We are going to watch this first match on video for a long time, thinks Remili, to see the little things that we can improve and modify to allow us to go and win there. We all know it will be tough next week but I also know we can do it. In its history, PSG has already taken up more complicated challenges. »



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