promoted to N3, the girls from Stade Rochelais are also celebrating

The French federation had demoted it by three divisions, down to the regional level, but Cyril Moiroud, the president of the Stade Rochelais Rupella association did not hear it that way: “It is out of the question to see the women’s sector remaining in the lowlands. It was necessary to pay off the debt (100,000 euros) and rebuild. It took two years to rise from our ashes. »

History still there

To achieve this, “we played it collectively, continues the leader. Grouped under the entity Stade Rochelais, Rupella Basket, the cities of La Rochelle and Puilboreau and the volunteers have not left the women’s sector and its 160 licensees orphans. People came back to put the ship afloat again, with a lot of work. Today, the smiles are there.

Former player, Alex Dako now leads the women’s division and its fifteen teams. The club can also count on the historic Elisa and Alice Vérine, who have the upper level. “Our club is the 3rd in New Aquitaine, it would have been a shame not to have a team in the Women’s National, continues Cyril Moiroud. Wearing the yellow and black colors is a very big advantage, brings enormous visibility, because the Stade Rochelais shines on France. »

“Recruitment promises to be serious, but for the moment, we are only thinking of Sunday and the party that will follow”



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