Previous Spain-Portugal And Luis Enrique pampers Ansu in Las Rozas

Under a heat of justice a Madrida day before leaving for Sevilla and while his comrades were engaged in criminal trials, Ansu Fati received special attention from the selector Luis Enrique.

The striker of the Barcelonawho has returned with the selection months after his last appearance, was exercised with the help of a member of the staff and the exclusive supervision of a Luis Enrique barefoot and shirtless. Ansu he received the ball from behind and went out indiscriminately to the right or left to finish first in goal. Plays that were corrected by the Asturian coach, very upset with the Barça striker. The coach has already warned: “I have a special plan for him, we will not take any risks. We’ll see him train, he won’t play for many minutes. It’s more of a return to competition and selection parameters. It’s more of a prize than a load of minutes. ”

The Asturian is focused on recovering the goal-scoring production of a team that has not yet had a top scorer, especially after the end of a season in which the strikers of the team have not finished well. Morata, for example, is an offensive reference for what Luis Enrique said Spain is «Morata and ten more “, he has scored a goal in the last two months. I Thomas Raul just a total of three in the last three months. This triggers the importance of Barça who see the staff as an unbalanced player with more goals than the rest of the attackers. Asked paul sarabia as Ansu sees it, that of PSGceded to Sporting of Portugal, he warned: “I saw him very involved, excited. He’s a teammate who’s had some tough times. Whenever someone goes through this we try to support them so that they are as comfortable as possible. I saw it well.

The responsibility of the goal

Sarabiawhich paints headline 48 hours a Sevilla in front Portugal, affects the division of responsibilities: The goals are the work of different players and that’s good, so no one has the pressure of having to score 20 goals. If we all contribute, that enriches. Spain faces this Thursday in Portugal at Benito Villamarin, Sunday a Prague a Czech Republicthe 9 to Swiss a Ginebra and the 12 a Malaga a The Rose Garden in front of the Czechs.



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