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The Premier League is nearing its climax. On Sunday just before 7 pm you will know who will win the English football championship. Manchester City again? Or will Liverpool relieve the team as the overall winner?

City can win, Liverpool must win

Leader Manchester City enters the final matchday in England with 1 point bonus on Liverpool. With a win, it is therefore certain of a new Premier League title, the 4th for star and Red Devil Kevin De Bruyne.

Liverpool must therefore hope that the competitor leaves points. If it is correct itself Wolverhampton, it can celebrate the title just like two years ago.

But what if the two teams are level? Then City can (almost certainly) raise the trophy.

Because the jury in England first looks at the goal difference. With +72, City is clearly doing better than Liverpool (+66).

In some unlikely scenarios, Liverpool can take the title with a draw, but with a win it has a better chance of the Premier League title and the quadruple.

Jürgen Klopp’s team has already won the FA Cup and the Liga Cup this season. Next weekend, Liverpool will also play the Champions League final (against Real Madrid).

Manchester City champion as…
it wins on sunday
it draws and Liverpool don’t win
it loses by up to 5 goals difference and Liverpool don’t win
Liverpool champion as…
win on Sunday and Manchester City don’t win
it draws and Manchester City lose by 7 goals or more
it draws and Manchester City lose by 6 goals difference and Liverpool score more than 5 goals more than City

If Kevin De Bruyne and Manchester City win on Sunday, the spoils are in.


What if Liverpool and Manchester City end up tied?

This makes the difference:
  1. goal difference (72 – 66)
  2. goals scored (96 – 91)
  3. mutual matches (2-2 and 2-2)
  4. mutual away goals (2 and 2)
  5. extra title match on neutral ground

With the help of a Liverpool icon?

Nice detail: Steven Gerrard can give his great love a hand. The former Liverpool legend coaches Aston Villa, Manchester City’s opponent on Sunday’s final match day.

Stunt Aston Villa coach and Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard against Manchester City on Sunday?

First leg: Origi match winner in 94th minute

Liverpool face the tougher task on Sunday. In December it could only narrowly win the first leg at the Wolverhampton site.

Supersub Divock Origi scored the only goal of the game (0-1) in the 94th minute.

Will he do that again on Sunday? Then the Belgian attacker leaves Anfield through the large gate. Origi will play football for another team next season.



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