Playoffs NBA [VF] Doncic pushes the Suns to Game 7!

In Dallas, the Mavericks curtly restored the balance against the Suns, who could also end it. But they did not really put the ingredients, unlike Luka Doncic, still very impressive (33 pts, 11 rebounds, 8 assists, 4 interceptions) and decisive. The Slovenian prodigy not only worked on his opponents, he also found effective relays in attack, with Jalen Brunson (18 pts) and Reggie Bullock (19 pts). And the defense was extremely dissuasive, evidenced by the 16 successful interceptions and 22 losses of ball caused. So much so that at the break (60-45), the match was almost over, without Phoenix subsequently being able to change anything. Whether DeAndre Ayton, yet comfortable inside (21 pts, 11 rebounds), Devin Booker (19 pts, 8 rebounds) or Chris Paul (13 pts, 4 assists), decidedly well erased for three games.

The aggressiveness of the Texan players thus contrasted with the apathy of those of Arizona. Jostled, the latter too quickly gave the impression of resigning themselves to going through a N.7 match on their floor on Sunday. Knowing that each team has won at home in this series, there is nothing incongruous about betting everything on 48 extra minutes pushed by their fans. But they’ll have to beware, as Doncic has enough genius in him to upset any plan.



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