Playoffs 2022 – Warriors – Mavericks : la notice de la win pour Golden State

The Western Conference final pits Golden State against Dallas. Although the Warriors start as favorites, nothing is less certain in these Playoffs. What are the options for Steve Kerr’s clique against the Mavs? This is what we will see immediately in three points, so make yourself comfortable and we attack. Ah yes, for the Unicorn fans: don’t worry because your proteges also have their little list of tricks.

The Warriors approach this series with already several advantages such as experience, physical freshness or a workforce with several All-Stars. However, faced with a fiery Dallas team carried by a prodigy of the basket ball, it is better to secure their backs. Three things therefore seem essential for Golden State’s victory in this series.

First, the 3-dot address. Classic you would say, but oh so important. Although it is the specialty of the house, it should not go away at this crucial moment. When you think of 3-Points in the Bay, you immediately think of the Splash Brothers. To do well, at least one of the two should be on fire every game. That would force the Dallas defense, surely Dorian Finney-Smith and Reggie Bullock, to double up on the latter. This two-man take logically leaves an open player and that’s the whole danger for the Mavericks since anyone among their opponents knows how to punish. Whether it’s Curry, Thompson, Poole, Wiggins, and even Green, the penalty can come from any side.

Second point, target Luka Doncic during the offensive phases. Utah has already done it in isolated sequences, as has Phoenix. Although he has improved in this area, the Slovenian is clearly not an elite defender. He has to produce so much offensively that defense takes a back seat. However, the Warriors attack is not fooled and has the ability to press where it hurts. So there is a good chance that the wisps that are the Chief and Jordan Poole target the Slovenian to offer easy points. These fast baskets can come from direct confrontations or switches, it doesn’t matter, but Golden State must (and surely will) achieve its ends.

Finally, the last key is still aimed at Luka Doncic: use Draymond Green to take him out of his match. The leader of Dallas is exceptional, prodigious, extraordinary, or any other superlative, but he has a weak point. He can’t stop talking and contesting arbitration decisions, like Marco Verratti in the Balkan version. That’s good, opposite, there is a specialist to cause intelligent and tactical faults, typically what can freak out our dear Slovenian friend. Draymond is known and recognized for his steel defense, but also for his vicious side. In hot times, he will certainly be sent on a mission to Lulu with the goal of getting him out of the game. With a Green in sneakers, in addition to a defense of another level than the Pauls or the Aytons, the faults can quickly accumulate for Doncic. Whether they are “classic” as techniques, the blond likes to vary the pleasures when he is pissed off. So watch out for future scuffles between our two hot-blooded friends.

Three points from which the Warriors can draw inspiration if they go through it. Of course, this is a non-exhaustive list which may change over time. In the meantime, place in Game 1 where we gauge ourselves, before the first adjustments.



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