Playoff Serie C Gold, Angri Pallacanestro in the semifinal against JuveCaserta

ANGRI. Angri Pallacanestro is already in the lead in game 1 of the semifinal against JuveCaserta Academy. Next Saturday, with a duo ball at 6.40 pm, the quintet of coach Massimo Costagliola will welcome a noble decline in national basketball at PalaGalvani, built by technical director Nando Gentile with the clear goal of winning and further strengthened in the April market thanks to two further arrivals from play Tinto and winger Blair.

Seen by all the insiders as the main accredited to the final victory, the Caserta players will however be called to overturn the field factor given the position in the standings at the end of the tournament, a not insignificant factor if you think about the epilogue of the series against the Salerno basketball. The pre-sale of tickets is already proceeding at full speed, with the sports hall in via Dante Alighieri promising to be hot. The totem Ljubo Markovic took care of the challenge even more. Reference point of the gray-red locker room, he will be called together with his teammates to another undertaking on the parquet.

These are his words on the eve. “We are very pleased to have reached the semifinals. We beat a strong team like Salerno, but we know that we still haven’t played to the best of our ability. Now let’s think of the JuveCaserta Academy which is an excellent team. Against them we have already played two tough games in the regular season, but now everything will be different as they have also added some elements to the roster. We must first of all think about ourselves, because we are a strong team that will have to put everything on the pitch in the next 80-120 minutes. I hope in the contribution of PalaGalvani who has always been our sixth man. I am very happy with the support that the fans have given us since the beginning of the season. We will have to give our best for ourselves, but also to respect the support of the club, the fans and the whole city of Angri ”.

President Alfonso Campitiello also wanted to launch his message before the two-man ball that will open hostilities on the court. “We have overcome a very difficult series against a well-equipped team like Pallacanestro Salerno. Now, a challenge against the favorite for the final victory of the championship awaits us. We know that JuveCaserta Academy was aiming for primacy and we are happy to have the advantage of the home factor on our side. We are confident that our audience can give us a big boost. PalaGalvani can be an extra factor and we have already seen how they helped us in the quarter-finals. There is great confidence in the boys and in the technical staff. We will try to start on the right foot ”.



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