play off basket NBA 2022 (VIDEO) (kasi)

Strus’ performance was also precious, scoring 20 points and 11 rebounds.

Highlights Philadelphia-Miami 90-99: play off basket NBA 2022 (VIDEO). by Enrico Ricciulli 9. The video with the highlights of Philadelphia 76ers-Miami Heat 90-99, challenge valid for game-6 of the quarter-finals of the NBA 2022 basketball playoffs.

Below is the video with the highlights of the challenge

The host formation takes advantage of an impeccable third period from 25-15 and closes the series early. (SPORTFACE.IT)

The news reported in other media

After a foul contact under the basket, Devin Booker “accentuated” the fall by staying on the ground more than necessary, then saying in favor of the camera “The Luka Special” in reference to Doncic’s simulation in game-4 to provoke Chris’s fourth foul. Paul. (Sky Sport)

In the third period the offensive efforts of Deandre Ayton and the fight fought by Devin Booker remain in vain, with the Texans still stretching (94-72). Monty Williams throws in the towel thinking about Game 7 in Arizona, so Marjanovic makes his debut in these playoffs in garbage time. (

Basket NBA, Miami Heat in the semifinals: game-7 will be needed between Dallas and Phoenix. The best scorer is Butler (32 points) but the performance of Strus is also not to be underestimated, very precious with 20 points and 11 rebounds. (SPORTFACE.IT)

Basket: playoff Nba; Miami elimina Philadelphia, Dallas a gara-7

Below is the video with all the salient actions. The hosts take advantage of an extraordinary Luka Doncic with 33 points and 11 rebounds and even the score. (SPORTFACE.IT)

Phoenix returns to the field with an even more gritty defense with an absolute dominator DeAndre Ayton at the center. Boxscore: 28 Booker, 20 Ayton, 14 Bridges and Johnson, 7p + 10as Paul for the Suns; 28p + 11r Doncic, 21 Brunson, 10 Bertans for the Mavericks. (

Immy Butler with 32 points leads the Miami Heat to the second conference finals in the last three years, eliminating the Philadelphia 76ers from the playoffs. Dallas plays a super defensive game against Phoenix and relies on Luka Doncic with 33 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists to win 113-86 and go to Game 7 on Sunday. (Sicily)


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