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Some athletes in our country have formed a special relationship because they represent the country in competitions. Some have become boyfriend and girlfriend relationships, while others have developed from teacher-student relationships to teammates fighting side by side on the field.

Feng Shengjun from the swimming team and Yang Jiamin from the badminton team are a well-known couple in the sports world in our country. The two became attached to the Singapore SEA Games in 2015 and officially announced their relationship two years ago. They are described as local sports lovers. “Golden Boy and Girl”.

Feng Shengjun said in an interview with Mediacorp English news network CNA: “Because we all have common goals, this actually pushes me to train harder. We are passionate about our sports, but also very concerned about each other. This makes I became a more well-rounded athlete.”

Over the years, Yang Jiamin and Feng Shengjun have continued to support each other on the sports road and face the storm together.

“When we were under a lot of pressure, we always knew what to say to encourage each other. This is my seventh SEA Games, and I have learned how not to be obsessed with the results, but to enjoy Enjoy the process.”

Women’s football team members changed from teachers and students to comrades-in-arms

In the Chinese women’s football team, the 33-year-old captain Ernie Sulastri, who played for our country for the first time, had a very special experience in participating in the East Games because there were six teammates in the team. Students when teachers and football coaches.

One of them was Dhaniyah Qasimah, who was nine years old when Oni knew her. Daniela never imagined that he would be called up to the national team at the age of 15, and that he and his former coach, Erni, would become teammates fighting side by side on the field.

Daniya said that until now, she still blurts out that Erni is called “coach” from time to time on the court.

“Our relationship is very good. We all fight for each other on the court. Even off the court, we are also a family.” Daniya couldn’t help choking when she was interviewed for the care of Erni over the years.

As for Erni, Daniya’s push for her is also very important. “Thank you for taking care of me over the years. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to represent Singapore today.”

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