Park Ji-hyeon Finally met Park Joo-hyun

‘You Accelerate’ (Photo = Broadcast screen capture)

Park Ji-hyun’s delicate acting amplified the tension.

On the 18th, during the 9th episode of ‘The Speed ​​That Goes To You’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘You Accelerate’) aired on the 18th, Park Ji-hyun was perfectly synchronized as Park Jun-young, former badminton national and Park Tae-joon (Chae Jong-hyeop) older sister, leading to favorable reviews from viewers. paid

On this day’s broadcast, Park Joon-young (Park Ji-hyeon) returned to Korea and the prelude to a complicated relationship was opened. As soon as Park Jun-young returned to her Korea, she met Tae-yang Park (Park Joo-hyun) for the first time, and she burst into tears in an instant. However, for a moment, Lee also asked Park Taeyang, who grabbed him by saying hello, with a firm expression on his face, “Let’s make it clear. Let’s not meet again.”

After that, Park Jun-young said that he wanted to get along well with his older sister, and put the condition to be close to Park Tae-joon, who was approaching him. This means letting her go to graduate school, using Park Tae-joon’s private room in Seoul, and not being friendly with Park Tae-yang. When Park Tae-joon, embarrassed by the unexpected condition, tries to turn her around, she heightens her tension by giving her a firm warning that Park Joon-young is not allowed to give her her money and room, but she does not want to be close to Park Tae-joon.

Not only that, but when Park Jun-young met Park Tae-yang at his comeback celebration party prepared by his former colleagues, he did not care that everyone was looking at him, and he insisted on why he came here because he didn’t know that he would be uncomfortable.

Then, Park Tae-joon, who followed Park Jun-young from the bar, said that he had heard the story between the two of them, asking if Park Tae-yang could not be forgiven. At this, Park Joon-young was angry with Park Tae-joon’s attitude, which seemed to cover her even though he knew her. As she was all about exercise, it just wasn’t something that would pass, so even with Park Tae-joon’s apology, Park Joon-young said that she was wandering, not on a trip, and bursting with the emotions she had been holding back.

As such, Park Ji-hyun is all about exercise, but she is drawing sympathy from viewers by portraying Park Joon-young, who is wandering because of her close brother Park Tae-yang, who is unable to exercise in an instant with her persuasive acting skills. In particular, she enhanced the immersion of her play by digesting the scene of revealing her honest feelings to Park Tae-joon with her delicate eyes and stable acting.

On the other hand, KBS2 drama ‘The speed that goes to you 493km’, which shows Ji-hyun Park’s character digestibility, is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:50 pm.

By Shin Ji-won, staff reporter for Tenasia [email protected]

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