Oviedo complicates the play-off dream after losing (2-1) in Las Palmas

The Oviedo came to the palms by plane to return to Asturias in a cloud, that of the play-off, and what he found was with Jonathan Viera getting him off of her. The show he becamel Gran Canaria Stadium -its surroundings hours before and its stands during the ninety minutes of play- could not with those of the Cuckoobut yes the player, pure Canarian school, who, assisted by his teammates, takes the blues out of promotion.

Las Palmas’ intentions were clear from the first play. Kick off and all the yellow forwards pushed by the quality of Jonathan Viera and Jesé’s legs. Oviedo, although expecting something like this, was surprised by the staging of the “pío-pío”. He saved the furniture Costas when the pass of the canary that one day said it was going to be the “Golden Ball” was destined for Sadiku, half a meter from the goal line. The bombardment continued with a shot from outside the area by Viera, the man who sells the most shirts in Las Palmas, and a free kick from the edge of the box. Not even three minutes had passed and a lot had happened.

In full harassment on the pitch and pressure from the stands, at full throttle for a match with a play-off as a prize, Oviedo came to agree with Benedict Floro about the importance of throw-ins. charles isaac pulled out for the race Borja Canewho won the position and the sprint duel against Curbelo. Alone and leaning to the right, the man from Madrid did what he knows best: look for a door. He refused as best he could Alvaro Valles where it should never be: at the penalty spot. there i was alone Borja Sánchezwhich he took advantage of to hit him with all his soul.

The goal extinguished the ardor with which the yellows were playing. But those of Gran Canaria have a secret weapon. Viera put her team on her back and little by little she began to scratch the shell that Cuco’s men were starting to put together to sleep the match and look for a deadly counter. Everything was following the planned plan until minute 26. Corner hung without nonsense: high and with effect towards the inside. Calvo He cleared his head as best he could and the ball fell on the edge of the area to Miller, who without letting it fall nailed it next to the stick. 1-1 and fight.

Oviedo followed their own: resist and resist. And the islanders too: balls to Viera, quite a show. But the ones who really had it were the carbayones thanks to a counterattack led by Bastón who saw well the gallop of Brugman. The Uruguayan was left alone against Álvaro Valles, but his attempted dive with his left foot ended up far from the target.

One of the doubts at the break was to know if the yellows were going to physically resist so much vitality. They did it and, on top of that, between Borja Sánchez and Cornud they gave Las Palmas a ball in their own throw-in that ended with Viera hitting the ground running and dodging four blue defenders. After the yellow 2-1, Oviedo tried, but without success. The first loss in weeks comes at the worst time. We will have to wait for a miracle on the last day.



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