Opoul-Périllo: teenagers in the Middle Ages

Name of Zeus, they went back in time! During the April holidays, the teenagers of the Youth Information Point (PIJ) took part in the medieval stay in Calce organized for two days by the directors and animators of the structures of the department. The latter created a huge game where each participant was dressed as in the time of the castles. Boredom, nay! The proof: magic potion workshop, archery, trollball tournament (sporting discipline from the medieval and fantastic world with foam weapons) or even puzzles were on the program. Once again, the activity leaders demonstrated real know-how in their field and the ladies and gentlemen had an excellent stay.

The rest of the holidays were marked by other outings: cinema, futsall meeting in connection with Ufolep, skate park at Barcarès, but also the traditional inter point youth day. During the time spent in the village, the teenagers took part in a barbecue evening with musical games, a challenge around the theme of journalism, the preparation of a big game for the leisure center, the manufacture of foam weapons, but also the construction of outdoor facilities with pallets to embellish the PIJ. See you this summer for new adventures!



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