On Instagram: Juve star Morata posts nude photo of Bonucci – football

When the locker room becomes a peep show…

There was probably a little too much to see on the Instagram account of Juve star Álvaro Morata (29). The striker posted a photo of teammate Juan Cuadrado (33) showing the Colombian laughing in the team’s cabin.

But who could also be seen in the picture in the Instagram story was Leonardo Bonucci (35) – and completely naked!

Of course, Morata’s 16.5 million followers discovered the bare facts immediately – and the nude photo made its rounds around the internet.

Morata also noticed the embarrassing photo and had to apologize. “We’re sorry,” wrote the professional on loan from Atlético Madrid in another post, linking the exposed central defender.

Photo: Marco Alpozzi/AP

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Juve star Leonardo Bonucci in his usual work clothesPhoto: Marco Alpozzi/AP

It wasn’t the first time a nude photo from the Juve dressing room went haywire. Defender Giorgio Chiellini (37) was caught in 2018.

<img class="photo ondemand zoomable" src=",w=1280,c=0.bild.jpg" width="1280" alt="Während Ronaldo und Bellanova für die Kamera posieren, läuft dahinter der nackte Chiellini durchs Foto" data-zoom-title="Während Ronaldo und Bellanova für die Kamera posieren, läuft dahinter der nackte Chiellini durchs Foto

Photo: Raoul_Bellanova / Instagram

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While Ronaldo and Bellanova pose for the camera, the naked Chiellini walks through the photo behind them Photo: Raoul_Bellanova / Instagram

In a picture showing superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (37) together with Raoul Bellanova (21), Chiellini could also be seen in the background. Also completely textile-free …



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