Olympics for the deaf, basketball players Ciardiello and Sguotti return to Gallarate and Cassano with silver around their necks –

She is silver medal for the Italian women’s basketball team at the Deaflympics, the Olympics for the deaf in Caxias do Sul, Brazil.
In the blue expedition that won the first Olympic final there were also Silvia Sguotti di Cassano Magnago (newcomer born in 2006, the youngest of the group) e Chiara Ciardiello from Gallarate, born in 1992 (read here). The latter last year took part in the European Championship held in Pescara and won by Italy.

The Italians did not manage to repeat the gold even at the silent Olympics. After a great tournament, they only surrendered to the United States in the final. A game for large stretches very tight, played point by point until the last quarter, when the Americans took off, winning 91-77.

The ride that brought Italy to the final was thrilling. Impeccable in the group are the girls of coach Sara Braida, who in the opening match overtook Greece for the first time, up to that moment a taboo for the blue, with a clear 72-57. There was no story in the next match, played against the hosts of Brazil, a formation still under construction: 128-6 the result. Tougher but still blue in the match against Poland: the 61-42 meant for Italy the first place in the group.

The quarter-final against Kenya was easy, archived with a score of 79-36. In the semifinals, again against Poland, the result was the same as in the group: a victory (73-58) that this time was worth the first, historic Olympic final for the blue of the ball into wedges. It is an important new chapter in the journey that began ten years ago.



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