now you can play as a squirrel in Nintendo Switch Sports

image: JuegoXplain

Funny costumes and characters have always been the norm in video games. Think of the different Mario and Nintendo costumes in bayonet 2 – Witch time with Princess Peach dress? Yes please. link in breath of the wild Rex clothing can also be obtained from Xenoblade chronicles 2. But let’s take things a step further and see the simplest things.

nintendo switch sports It has an online rewards system that allows you to earn points if you play a random matchup. You can then spend your hard-earned points on a rotating set of good customization items for your fellow athlete. You get a little stamp card that you complete for each item you buy, and once you’ve bought all 12 items, you can unlock a special outfit.

This week’s set is called the relaxation set and is the fourth set to be introduced into the game after core, soft and soccer. She has cute green sportswear, a cute little purple bob, etc. But if you fill out your card and get all 12 items, you’ll be rewarded with a squirrel suit.

Well, sports shoes with glasses, with long jackets, we can accept. But put it on? Imagine how you sweat inside! Good is DifferentWe’ll give that to Nintendo. we catch nintendo list It’s all you can get from the Relaxation Package, so check out:

Switch Sports Relax Collection
image: nintendo

Achievement Reward: Squirrel Body

Clothes and accessories
• The Lotus Gang
• Lotus hat
• Tracksuit (flowers)
• Round glasses (lemon)

hairstyle/hair color
• verde

• Good luck my friend
• Friend dad fired
• amazed friend
a nervous friend

titles 1
• Sin final
• 1 advantage
• pinch
• skip

titles 2
• resistant
• salsa
• Fresco
• Produce

The folks over at GameXplain showed off the outfit by wearing it to play soccer, badminton, and bowling. The outfit is purple by default, but it will change color depending on the sport you play; like in football, for example, you can see the body of a squirrel in a beautiful light blue color.

Check out the video below to see the chipmunk costume in action and let us know what you think of this addition!



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