Nintendo Switch Sports; they recover the virtual sports franchise

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Mexico City / 19.05.2022 06:49:27

The collection of sports games “Wii Sports” was conceived in its day as a free complement to present the new controls of the console Wii by Nintendo, released in 2006. With its simple gameplay, the title brought friends and family together in front of the TV in the living room.

Now, Nintendo recovers the sports franchise for the current generation of your Nintendo Switch. The new video game, renamed “Nintendo Switch Sports”, returns with a compilation of up to six games, including tennis and bowling, as well as sword fighting, which was already present in Wii Sports Resort. With football, volleyball and badminton, three new disciplines are offered.

The movements are controlled with the help of the controls Joy Con from Nintendo Switch, and the gameplay remains the same. The controls are used to imitate the movements of each sport, for example, swinging tennis or badminton rackets, or throwing balls. In football, you can even use the own foot to simulate the shots with a strap that adjusts to the leg and is supplied as a complement to the Joy-Con.

Nintendo Switch Sports” unfolds its full potential in multiplayer mode, with several players facing each other or in teams in front of a screen with a Joy Con each. The online way It also has its appeal: as you climb the ranks, you can unlock new outfits or sports equipment.

In terms of exercise, Nintendo Switch Sports probably cannot replace a full training session on the tennis court or on the soccer field. But for an entertaining and fun competition in the living room itself, the new installment is a good substitute.



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