Nikola Jovic and Michael Foster Jr. candidates for the 2022 Draft

By scratching a paper on the 76 prospects invited to the Draft Combine, we realized a small detail. Two young pranksters, Michael Foster Jr. and Nikola Jovic, will be there in Chicago. A bad joke of the scouts or a chance to dissect, it is only by presenting them that we will have an answer.

But who are Michael Foster Jr. and Nikola Jovic? One is American, the other Serbian. One has a name eerily similar to a Denver Nuggets player, the other does too. The comparison stops there. The profiles of the newcomers with their “quasi homonyms” are different. At 19 years old, Michael Foster Jr. is 2m03 tall and plays in the racket of the Ignite Team in the G League. It comes out from one season to 14.8 points at 49% shooting including 31% from 3-pointers, 8.8 rebounds, 2 assists and 1.9 blocks in 13 games played. If he is drafted in the NBA, there will be no mistake. He’s not the same kind of freak as Michael Porter Jr., not at all. The one that was extended for $207 million over five years is longer, more mobile, more versatile. No comparison is possible. And the specialized sites, what do they think? The Rican media NBADraftroom and Tankathon announce Michael Foster Jr. in 58th position in the Draft 2022, while the French site Envergure places him overall well beyond the good piece, towards the 110th position in the Draft 2022. This year, the Nuggets only have a 21st pick in their hood. We’re not sighted, but we can tell you it won’t be spent — barring some Colorado humor — on Foster Jr.

Let’s move on to Nikola Jovic. The guy is Serbian, it’s already crazy. He plays at « KK Mega Basket ». It’s a recognized club in Serbia eh, Malcolm Cazalon played there, but we put in quotes because the blaze is really bad. This season, the two-time MVP sham has sent 11.7 points on 43% shooting including 36% from 3-pointers, 4.4 rebounds and 3.4 assists in 25 games. The profile is not the same as that of Nikola Jokic, but we are getting closer. He is a 2m08 strong winger, completely all aroundpowerful, mobile, long and with an undeniable leadership. It’s a character, and he showed it perfectly last summer at the U19 World Cup in Latvia. Based on 18.1 points, 8.3 rebounds and 2.9 assists, his Serbia stopped in the semi-finals after a defeat against France by Victor Wembanyama. One of its limitations? Outside shooting, the mechanics of which are still tight. At 18, he arrives knowing that he has a whole physique to polish. According to the different mocks, he travels globally in the second part of the first round: NBADraftroom announces Nikola Jovic in 18th position in the 2022 Draft (Bulls), Tankathon announces him in 20th position (Spurs) and Wingspan around 27th position (Heat ).

Hey, little Nikola Jovic in 21st choice by the Nuggets, it’s tempting right? If that happens, hello the complicity between the Serbian prospect and his compatriot, probably well established in the NBA. However, he won’t get a lot of muscle advice from it.



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