Netflix is ​​thinking about live streaming to start the hunt for ‘lost subscribers’

In its latest quarterly report, Netflix claimed to have lost subscribers for the first time in over a decade: to try to limit the decline in subscribers and – consequently – in profits, Netflix has stated that it will manage the sharing passwords, and will add a cheaper subscription option supported by advertising.

These moves, however, may not be enough to reverse the trend, unless it is proposed something truly innovativeat least for the platform: il live streaming. The novelty was anticipated by the American newspaper Deadline as a rumor, and in fact it has not yet been confirmed by the development team.

If implemented, Netflix could use the for feature broadcast live specialssuch as his’Netflix Is a Joke Fest‘which was recently held in Los Angeles for several days. During the dates of the event they participated over 130 comedianswhile Netflix provided instead of trasmettere in streaming on-demand (SVOD) the shows recorded between May and June. With the new live streaming option, however, Netflix could stream its own or other third-party shows as they unfold. taking advantage of live streaming also for theater shows, dance competitions and, cabaret and talent contests (complete with televoting).

If this were to turn into reality, a whole new world would open up for Netflix, full of possibilities (of earning) ready to conquer new subscribers. All with a few seconds of delay compared to the ‘real’ directjust to have the time possibly necessary to block the transmission in the event that inappropriate language is used or inappropriate behavior occurs.

Disney Pluswhich unlike Netflix closed the quarterly on growth, this year it broadcast live Academy Awards and in its proposal it is also possible to find other live TV shows of great importance. Always looking at the competition, too Prime Video Amazon offers the ability to access playback of live events (e.g. sporting events such as the Champions League in Europe and the starting the NBA In the USA).

That of sport is really a very competitive arena, in which it is also present Apple TV+ with the baseball games of the Major League Baseball (MLB) while the contacts of the Cupertino company continue to obtain the broadcasting rights for American football matches from National Football League (NFL).



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