NBA playoff. Warriors in the finals in the west, but what a mess with Memphis

Golden State wins 110-96 to end the series 4-2 by defeating their champion in the last quarter after a hard-fought game. Starting Wednesday, he plays the 6th conference final in 8 years against either Phoenix or Dallas

It took a while, but in the end the Warriors played like the Warriors. And they got where they wanted to be: in the Western Conference Finals, which begins Wednesday against either Phoenix or Dallas. However, Golden State made one hell of a push to knock out Memphis in Game 6, falling 110-96 in the last quarter but, still without Ja Morant, showed the future was theirs. It was just a morant missing to bring the series back to Elvis Town for Game 7, a phenomenon that saw the Grizzlies through their toughest moment when the Warriors returned to them. Memphis is the team of the future that will be fighting for the title next year. But the present is still Golden State, who will be playing for the West’s trophy, renamed the Oscar Robertson Trophy this year, for the sixth time in eight years.

Championship DNA

Steph Curry has mentioned it many times in this series: The Warriors have the DNA of champions. He saw himself at the end of a painful game, played poorly for three quarters, spent collecting turnovers and convinced himself that the Warriors’ game is about spinning the ball, not rushing shots. However, when it came to making a difference, Golden State brought out the DNA of champions. What Klay Thompson owns is irresistible (30 points with 8 hat-tricks and a defense to match Klay’s previous injuries), as has happened to him many times in his run-6 career. That of Steph Curry, 11 of his 29 points in the fourth period to complete the accounts. That of Draymond Green, the usual rider with 14 points, 15 rebounds and 8 assists. That of Kevon Looney, with his 22 rebounds the X-Factor of this Race-6, who started as a quintet for the first time in the series. Andrew Wiggins doesn’t have it yet, but he found out and equalized in the fourth period (10 of his 18 points). The Warriors were far from perfect with the big issue of 19 turnovers to be resolved looking ahead. But in the last quarter, when the game was on the line, they didn’t do anything wrong.


Memphis deserves nothing but compliments. Coach Jenkins’ team proved they were made for this level, to be impressive even without Morant. However, you need stars in the playoffs, and although the Grizzlies have won 21 of 28 games this season without their phenomenon, they need someone like him who knows how to break games and knows how to give his teammates to soar the confidence to win at any opportunity. The Grizzlies deserve credit for their play, trying to exploit Golden State’s weaknesses, even mental ones after the Game 5 humiliation. Desmond Bane (29 points) confirmed he had class, Dillon Brooks (30) laid it Extra energy to get on the nerves of those who know that such matches are played. Absent was Tyus Jones, who was good at reaching (9 assists) but missing in the winning phase (7 points on 2/12 shooting). Memphis ends the season wondering what that streak would have been like had Morant still been on the court, but knowing that the road to a future title also runs through disappointments like this.

The game

Klay on 17 points leads the Warriors 39-30 early in the second quarter, but Memphis responds with a 14-0 run and Golden State, plagued by turnovers (12 at rest vs 3 by the Grizzlies), has to fight back to get the rest ahead 53-51. The balance hangs in the third quarter as well, with Bane matching Thompson’s offensive spectacle and preventing Memphis Golden State from playing as they know it. The final quarter starts with the Warriors 78-77: Brooks and Bane land heavy hitters in the first 4′, but with Wiggins stepping up, Golden State is starting to find itself. The pace is slowing, turnovers are no longer a problem, three-pointers from Curry and Thompson are deadly. The final knockout is Steph Square 1’38” from the end: He delivers the conference finals to Golden State, a Memphis elimination that knows so much about next year’s meeting.

Goldzustand:Thompson 30 (3/7 over two, 8/14 over three), Curry 29, Wiggins 18. Rebounds: Looney 22. Assists: Green 8.

Memphis: Brooks 30 (4/13, 7/15, 1/2 Freiwürfe), Bane 25, Jackson 12. Rebounds: Adams 10. Assists: Jones 8.



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