NBA playoff results: Milwaukee beats Boston in Game-5

Two extraordinary games by Jrue in the final 10″ and Portis’ basket on Antetokounmpo’s false free kick allow the champions to go up from -14 in the 4th period and reach 3-2 in the series

Never underestimate the heart of a champion. The famous phrase coined for the Rockets in 1995 is a perfect fit for those Bucks who, with an absolutely space-age run final, manage to overturn a 14-point fourth-period deficit and claim the run-5 success that sets the Celtics back. one step. of the game. elimination. Antetokounmpo’s 40 points and Holiday’s incredible plays on both ends of the court in the Finals helped Milwaukee beat Boston 110-107 and move to 3-2 in the series.

no time lord

The Celtics must once again give up Robert Williams and the visiting team immediately tries to send a signal by increasing the pace in the first minutes of the match. Brown and Tatum respond, however, and the production of Theis and White from the bench allows Boston to take over the reins of the game from the first minutes of the second fraction. The Bucks’ offensive blank pass didn’t help coach Budenholzer’s plans as the hosts gained confidence and accelerated in the latter part of the first half. Giannis’ games are not enough, Boston reaches the break in front of 54-47. Milwaukee opening shots approach with the hat-tricks of Matthews and Holiday but Brown’s show begins and the Celtics run away. The Boston goalkeeper is exalted in the third fraction, signs 16 points and leads Boston to the double-digit advantage which explodes a very hot Td Garden. Antetokounmpo does what he can but Brown and his companions have the wind in their sails and with Pritchard’s basket they reach the comfortable +14 at 10’16 ”from the mermaid.

the return

Just when the finish line seemed close, Boston began to crack, he began to concede too many rebounds on offense, opening the door to the comeback of the brave Bucks. To play the charge, of course, it’s the usual Giannis, Milwaukee slowly returns below and with Antetokounmpo’s triple “back to back” and a sumptuous Holiday he finds the equalizer at 42 “from the siren. Tatum’s free throws bring the home side in front, but Antetokounmpo sends them over the line with 14” remaining. After scoring the first free, Giannis fails the second but the undisciplined Celtics in the escape grant the rebound to a very active Portis who gives the resounding +1 to the guests downstairs. On the backhand in front of Smart arrives at the iron but has to deal with Holiday who signs the game of the match with a counter of the cinema then seasoned by the recovery of the ball for Milwaukee. Connaughton made 2/2 of the line and the resumption of the usual, incredible Holiday then sealed the success of Milwaukee.

the words

“We wasted a golden opportunity – comments disappointed Ime Udoka -. The boys are angry but now we have the opportunity to take back what we left here in Milwaukee. Coach Budenholzer, on the other hand, exalts the evidence of a great party. “Jrue is a winner – closes the Bucks coach – his games in the final decided the game”.

Boston: Tatum 34 (10/18, 2/11, 8/9 tl), Brown 26, Smart 15. Rebonds : Horford, Brown 8. Passes décisives : White, Horford, Brown.

Milwaukee: Antetokounmpo 40 (14/22, 2/5, 6/10 tl), Holiday 24, Portis 14. Rebounds: Portis 15. Assist: Holiday 8.



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