NBA: Mavericks concede a high defeat – playoff threatens

The Dallas Mavericks around national basketball player Maxi Kleber suffered a significant defeat in the NBA playoffs and are on the verge of being eliminated.

At the Phoenix Suns, the Texans lost 80-110 (46-49) and are behind in the series with 2-3 wins. Another loss would put the Mavs out of the knockout stage.

After a balanced first half, the team around Slovenian top star Luka Doncic threw the game away in the third quarter. The Mavs only had 14 points while the Suns had 33 points. Dallas could not make up for this deficit. Kleber only scored four points, Doncic was once again the best Mavs player with 28 points.

There was also a clear defeat for the Philadelphia 76ers. They lost to the Miami Heat 85-120 (44-56) and are also 2-3 down in the series. Miami kept the pace high from the start and had their best pitcher in Jimmy Butler with 23 points. Thus, the Heat as well as Phoenix can make the entry into the conference finals perfect with another success.



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