NBA market, the Bulls could lose Zach LaVine

Despite the Milwaukee Bucks kicking them out of the first round of the Playoffs, the Chicago Bulls however, they have reached a milestone that has been missing for too long. Precisely, for five years. There Illinois franchise has reached 46 victories this season and, after a season of adjustment, is aiming even higher for the next one. But she could be orphaned by a superstar.

LaVine is not sure to stay

DeRozan is under contract until 2023/2024, Vucevic still has another year on the scoresheet. The problems therefore concern Zach LaVine. Il number 8 of the Bulls has already expressed its desire to explore the free agency with absolute calm, to evaluate the offers that arrive on the desk. According to Brian Windhorst of ESPNil due volte All-Star he is not really sure of staying with the Bulls even if the franchise will do everything to be able to keep him.

Clearly most teams would make sacrifices to win a player like Zach LaVine. The insider of ESPN mentioned i Portland Trail Blazers as the first destination for the class of ’95. The Oregon franchise is certainly not in a good state of health and is not equipped to aim for the title right away. Looking for a max contractHowever, he could consider a move alongside Damian Lillard to improve the team’s fortunes.

In any case, LaVine has not confessed any clear details about its future and all doors remain open. Even that of staying at the Chicago Bulls.

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