Nba, Luka Doncic: ‘Phoenix better than Dallas, but we win if …’

Luka ready for the semifinal with the Suns: “CP3 controls everything, but Mikal Bridges will defend against me, with Smart being the best defender around the perimeter. If you need 48 minutes game “

Luka Doncic says it with a grin: “I had never played a full time before in the NBA”. Jason Kidd squeezed it in Game-6 against Utah, despite it being his third game after ten days off due to injury: “I was so tired that I couldn’t even protest with the referees” jokes the Slovenian again. Luka is so essential that in order to beat Phoenix in the conference semifinals, the Dallas coach could be forced to use his phenomenon even for an entire game. “I’m ready to play 48 minutes, timeouts are for rest,” says Luka with a smile.

The opponent

The series could be decided right in the backcourt. Luka, and his Robin Jalen Brunson, will face Chris Paul and Devin Booker. “CP3 is a Hall of Famer, he improves every team he plays in – says the Slovenian via Zoom-. He controls the pitch, he is the leader of the team, an incredible player who didn’t miss a shot in the last game. With him you have to be physical, make every shot difficult “. Doncic, however, already knows that his main opponents will be neither Paul nor Booker: “On me he will defend Bridges-anticipates the Slovenian, fresh from training in which the Mavs after a day of rest have analyzed the next opponents-. For me it will be an important challenge, because Mikal is the best defender around the perimeter with Marcus Smart. He is really impressive what he knows how to do in defense: he has strong hands, he is very intelligent and always knows when to attack the ball and how to move. And he has also become excellent in attack: it will be a great challenge “.


Doncic is also prepared on Phoenix, which Dallas will face starting from the Italian night between Sunday and Monday: “They were the best team of the regular season, last year they reached the Finals: we will have to be practically perfect to beat them. Phoenix is ​​the favorite: we will follow the game plan as we did against Utah, but we will have to play to the maximum. And in the playoffs it’s normal, because if you don’t do it at this level you lose ”.


Doncic averaged 29 points, 10.7 rebounds and 5.7 assists in his three games against Utah. The strained left calf that kept him out in the first three games is a forgotten story (“I’m fine” he reassures him with a smile), like the curse that kept Dallas winless a playoff series for 11 years. Up to the one with the Jazz … “Winning that series helped us a lot – he says -. Many bet against us, but I have always had faith. We all do our best in that series, we are committed and we have remained united as a group ”. That is, as coach Kidd also pointed out, Dallas’ best weapon to face Phoenix: “The understanding between us is much better than at the beginning of the season – says Luka -. We are a united group, we have improved a lot “. So much so that the Mavs from January 1st onwards were the second best NBA team, right behind the Suns. So much so that Kidd’s defense was the key to victory over the Jazz. So much so that the Mavs managed to enchant even without Doncic. But now Luka is irreplaceable, the sun around which coach Kidd’s ambitions to reach the conference final revolve. And Doncic is ready to make a difference.



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