NBA 2022: The revolution that Phil Jackson intends if he arrives at the Lakers: change LeBron and retain Westbrook

Los Lakers they finished the Biggest flop in NBA history by not even qualifying for the Play In tournament this season. I already cost Frank Vogel his job and there are more changes in the board, the most famous being the return of Phil Jackson.

The ‘Zen Master’ will not return to the bench, since his health problems do not allow him to resist the rush of travel and the season, but he would reach the management, where he had little success with the Knicks for three and a half seasons (2014 to 2017), in which they never made the playoffs and were scorned in free agency.

Phil Jackson’s plan is clear: switch to LeBron.

“We’ll see what Phil thinks about what the Lakers do. I’ve heard that Phil wants to trade LeBron. I don’t have a recording as proof, but I think Phil would like them to keep Westbrooktrying to make that work,” said Bill Plaschke, a columnist for the LA Times and that this week he interviewed the owner of the Lakers, Jeannie Buss.

A theory that would seem completely in against popular opinion, which is to trade Westbrook, whom Jeannie Buss does not want to move before having a new coach.

Coach who will arrive with Phil’s stamp, if his arrival is made official. “The things that we see next are going to have the stamp of Phil and his impression of LeBron, ” added Plaschke, who also does not trust the decision-making, endorsed by James.

“They traded KCP, Kuzma and Caruso, championship players. LeBron is a terrible general manager and I wish he would keep his nose away from that. but it’s not realistic, he’s going to try to build a team… again. If you allow it, be a mess. What the Lakers can expect is for Phil Jackson to arrive and change things.

LeBron has qualified two of four seasons to the Playoffs with the Lakers, suffering from injuries on the three occasions they made it past the first round. The only time they did it was in the orlando bubblean asterisked championship, according to Plaschke.

“LeBron and AD had the whole summer to rest, they started engines for two months. The 2020 championship doesn’t feel real. Clippers was a better team, but Doc lost the locker room. They protested, Lou Williams went to the strip club for the lemon pepper wings and they completely blew up. The Lakers stuck together and just because of that they won the championship.”



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