Men’s Final D-2 Saint-Pierre HBC: A legacy of passion

Sons of former big names in handball from Saint-Pierrois and Reunion, Alexandre, Adrien, Sébastien and Samuel carry on the tradition. And have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of their elders, all winners of at least one championship. Their first support.

All lived more or less the same childhood. Bathed in the sweet sound of the tacky ball. Training sessions with more electric atmospheres of official matches or even finals. Alexandre and Adrien Charlette, Sébastien Morville and Samuel Boucher have the particularity of not having experienced their father’s golden period as a player. But the handballistic filiation and the transmission of passion go beyond mimicry. “My band brags the not seen too much played lessloose Alois Boucher, father of Samuel. But the blood spoke her. As for the Charlette boys, that of Boris (Benjamin Boucher), the Morvilles, Paquiom, Claire or Coindevel, they have it in their blood. Even starting the practice late would have been innate to them. It’s an annoyance. They are the next generation“All of them surveyed very early on the various black plateaus and gymnasiums of their commune. Then of the island. To finally write their own story. In the footsteps of their predecessors. “Sébastien did some judo, football and swimmingremembers Bertrand Morville, the former player and coach of Joinville. Of course, being on a handball court since the age of 3 helps. That’s transmission.“Just as much as the discussions and debates that still regularly animate homes and telephones.”You always have an eye for getting things doneadvances with a smile Michel Charlette, the Saint-Pierroise icon. They only see the positive side and forget the flaws…

“It reminds me of the Joinville of yesteryear”

We call each other every other day“, laughs Morville, happy to see the offspring flourish in the south of the island. “Sébastien was trained and played until the age of 20 in Joinville. But it was at Saint-Pierre that he progressed and learned rigor. We had a hard time offering it to him. There, he found the desire to win, this will to make the effort and to train. When I see them, it makes me think of the Joinville of yesteryear. Young people who train a lot to win! When we arrived as seniors, it was Saint-Gilles-les-Hauts which dominated the championship…“Members of the last and only Saint-Pierroise generation to have won the title of Reunion champion in 1988, Charlette and Alois are now waiting to see their offspring join them in history.”It’s the 3e final, which they will knowcontinues Michael. They should continue to have fun. Because that’s what they lacked before. Play until the 60e with this feeling. At times I felt like they were stuck“Long labeled a team of young talents, the Saint-Pierre HBC has now reached maturity. As evidenced by the victory at the Réunion trophy last December.”They’ve been playing senior for a while, they don’t have the excuse of youth anymoreconcludes Bertrand. A final is a final. There is the emotional side to manage. But at 24-26, they are able to achieve it.” And continue writing their chapter.

Jonathan Timbou



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