Mélys Gaube is on the international track

At the beginning of May, Mélys Gaube, a resident of the French boxing savate club from Agenais, took part in the first Junior World Cup in combat in Plovdiv (Bulgaria). The Agenaise took up the challenge of moving from the style of assault (controlled touch) to combat with the risk of being out of combat. Important clarification: in savate, the knockout is not an objective but is considered a risk to be avoided. This is the case with ethics in French boxing where educational values ​​are essential.

A very courageous Mélys

After finishing in the quarter-finals of the 2022 French technical championship, Mélys had a month to prepare and change his boxing. In the final of the Junior World Cup (-52 kg), she met Alexandra Dimitrova, a Bulgarian with international experience in savate with a participation in the world championship and a final in the European Kickboxing Cup. Mélys showed courage against a bigger and more experienced opponent, trying to play with his technical potential.

From the first round, the Bulgarian frames the Agenaise, and triggers a series of shots. Mélys holds the first two rounds and, on the third, she places low whips, touches, and regains confidence. But, it is without counting on the determination of the Bulgarian, who chains fists and feet, and touches Mélys with a strike in the foot in the stomach. The Agenaise accuses the blow. As a precaution, it is counted by the referee, and bows logically having gained experience.

The next day, at the International Open, the Agenais Eric Masselin, president of the agenaise savate, met an Iranian much younger than him (veteran category – 83 kg). The confrontation was tough for both shooters. The Iranian places low whips, which touch the supports of the Agenais, who breaks the distances, touches with fists, feet, and places two backhand figures which undermine his opponent. On the third round, despite the forcing of the Iranian, the Agenais passes a turning hunt and wins by majority in front of a conquered public. Congratulations to these two athletes who wear the colors of their club.


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