Medellín drew 1-1 with Guaireña: result, match summary today | South American Cup

Deportivo Independiente Medellín tied 1-1 with Guaireña from Paraguay, on the sixth date of group E in the 2022 South American Cup. With a good volume of attack, but little definition, the red team from Antioquia finished their participation in the continental competition, showing improvement in his game thinking about home runs. Diber Cambindo scored for the DIM, while Carlos Duarte converted for the Paraguayans.

Although he was already playing to meet the schedule, Independiente Medellín put the best available from his payroll to face a Guaireña who arrived with options to qualify on the last day. The red generated the first approach with a play on the 14th minute, which was annulled for being out of place.

While, in Brazil, Internacional and Ecuador’s 9 de Octubre tied 1-1, DIM’s goal came in the 27th minute, through Diber Cambindo, who took advantage of a center by Felipe Pardo and the former Quindío managed to solve at the exit of the goalkeeper Ruben Escobar.

With the score in their favor, Medellín continued to attack on the opposite goal, at minute 31 they were very close to the second, with a header from Andrés Cadavid, after a cross from Andrés Ricaurte, but the ball hit the crossbar. At 44, Felipe Pardo had to score, but his shot was managed by goalkeeper Escobar. The strong game also took center stage in the first half with three players booked for Guaireña and two for DIM.

In the complementary stage, Carlos Duarte and Lautaro Comas entered Guaireña instead of Jordan Santacruz and Richard Salinas. On the sides of the DIM, the team remained. At minute, Felipe Pardo took advantage of a pass from Diber Cambindo and defender Aquilino Giménez deflected the ball to the corner kick. At minute 2, Diber Cambindo finished off with his head from the center of the area and the ball hit the right post, the striker failed to score the second goal of the game, after a good cross from Felipe Pardo.

At minute 13, Diber Cambindo had the second, but his shot hit the right post, saving the Paraguayan team. A minute later, Carlos Duarte took advantage of a cross from the right sector and before the central defenders left, the Paraguayan attacker arrived to tie the game, at the best moment of the DIM.

At 19, Andrés Ricaurte with his left leg finished off from mid-range and the ball hit the horizontal, saving Guaireña for the fourth time in the game thanks to the post shots. Three minutes later, Felipe Pardo shot from mid-range and the ball passed very close to the Paraguayan goal. At minute 26 and after a collective play, Ricaurte sent the ball well over the rival goal.

About minute 32, in the DIM, Adrián Arregui requested the change due to physical discomfort in the back of his right leg, Juan Carlos Díaz entered and Felipe Pardo left and Vladimir Hernández entered. In Guaireña, Alex Cáceres entered instead of Diego Godoy. While the playing time progressed in Pereira, in Porto Alegre Internacional they thrashed 9 de Octubre 4-1, a result in which the Paraguayan team was forced to score five goals to advance to the phase, practically a chimera.

In the final minutes, Guaireña tried to score the second goal, while, in Brazil, Internacional scored the fifth goal over the Ecuadorians. There was a desperation in the visit, while, in the premises, they went out to look for the goal, keeping precautions in defense. At minute 2 of additional time, Andrés Ricaurte failed to take advantage of a corner kick and his shot sent it to the left post.

It ended a new continental participation for Independiente Medellín, who advanced to the group stage after eliminating America of Cali and had a poor performance in Group E with Guaireña of Paraguay, Internacional of Brazil and 9 de Octubre of Ecuador.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED correspondent
On Twitter: @juanchoserran8



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