Matchpoint: Tennis Championships is a surprise for fans of the racket

Online events are a real downer. After attending the presentation of Matchpoint Tennis Championships invited by Koch Media we were left with the feeling that this new tennis simulator was going to repeat the bad feelings of Tennis World Tour o AO Tennis 2. Matchpoint Tennis ChampionshipsKalypso’s new game, isn’t exactly a graphic powerhouse, but streaming video compression didn’t help improve our first impressions either.

Its creators confirmed to us that the game will not have official ATP licenses nor any real tournament, although we will be able to put ourselves in the shoes of some authentic tennis players like alcarazCarreno, Garbiñe MuguruzaKyrgios, Medvedev, Tommy Hass, Taylor Fritz, Hurcakz, Rublev, Nishikori, Benoit Paire,… As you can see, some recent tennis behemoths are missing, such as Rafa Nadal, Djokovic, Federer, Zverez, Tsitsipas,…

Overall, what the presentation ended and we left a little crestfallen because we were looking forward to reliving the times of great exponents of the genre like Virtua Tennis or, above all, the saga Top Spin. However, Koch Media also provided us with a Steam code to test the game in our own flesh and the result has been tremendously positive. We are facing one of the great surprises of the year in the sports genre.

Truly innovative gameplay

The lack of official ATP licenses shouldn’t bother us that much either. It is always a pleasure to play Roland Garros or Winbledon with the official logos and courts, but it is not the most important thing in a tennis game. The most important thing, as in any other genre, is the gameplay. And there Matchpoint: Tennis Championships It has left a really sweet taste in our mouths..

And it’s also tremendously innovative.. How can a tennis game be innovative if it is a genre that has already given us great arcade titles and more realistic simulators? Well ending the dictatorship of timing. Until now, the vast majority of tennis games, if not 100%, were based on hitting the ball at the right time and positioning ourselves properly on the court.


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Matchpoint – Tennis Championships – Xbox Game Pass Trailer



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